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Luna Maya: Katie Holmes Lookalike [Photos]

Posted on Jun. 10, 2010 by Firsher in Celebs

Following the heels of Luna Maya Ariel Peterpan video scandal, we come up with this entry of Luna Maya: Katie Holmes Lookalike.

Luna Maya Katie Holmes Lookalike
Luna Maya: A Katie Holmes Lookalike (Picture via the Internet)

Luna Maya, actress/model/presenter, was one of most celebrated starlets as of the end of May 2010 in Indonesia. But entering June, Luna Maya has been disgraced over an alleged s__ grade video with boyfriend Ariel Peterpan. This stunning Indonesian beauty bears a striking resemblance to American actress, Katie Holmes, who is the wife of Tom Cruise. (more…)

Luna Maya: Dog Lover? [Pictures]

Posted on Jun. 10, 2010 by Firsher in Celebs, True & Odd

Luna Maya, an Indonesian celebrity, nowadays is in hot waters. The reason is apparent. Supposed not-for-public-viewing video(s) of Luna Maya’s boyfriend Ariel Peterpan, aka Nazril Ilham, are rocking the world’s largest Muslim country.

Luna Maya Picture
Luna Maya In Bikini Affectionately Playing With A Dog

Luna Maya is an actress and a presenter in Indonesia while Ariel Peterpan is the lead vocals of pop rock band Peterpan. Two videos were leaked allegedly showing the two artists from Indonesia getting it on hot and heavy in Indonesia’s biggest celebrity s__ tape yet to date. Luna Maya denied any involvement in the scandalous s__ video that recently started to circulate on social networking, like Facebook, with herself and Nazril Ilham a.k.a. Ariel “Peterpan.” Simply put, she says the girl in the video is not her and the guy is not Ariel. But the similarities between the couple in these s__ videos and Luna Maya and Ariel are leaving people to wonder. In fact, people who know the two personally have said it is them. This is not the first scandal for the couple, Luna was rumored to be the reason for the troubled marriage of her boyfriend Ariel. Speculations of an affair arose after he was seeing with Luna before his divorce in early 2008. []

We won’t talk Luna Maya Ariel Peterpan video here as there were already too much discussion online. What we are curious now is that two of many of Luna Maya photos circulated on the internet showing this Indonesian beatuy in bikini cheerfully playing with a dog on the beach. (more…)