Something strange happened to me this morning. I was checking emails on my iPad when my HTC Windows 6 smart phone rang.

When I came back from a 2-minute-long call from a friend’s seasonal Christmas greeting, iPad had mysteriously gone blackout. It just couldn’t boot after Wake/Sleep button or Home was pressed.

Apple iPad

But as I clearly remembered, my iPad had at least 70% battery. So it’s definitely not due to the battery drain.

I connected it with my iMac, iTunes simply was no response as otherwise it should have detected the iDevice.

Then I plugged it into the batter charger, the crashed iPad still couldn’t come up with any waking up sign.

It seemed in no way I could resuscitate my newly purchased iPad (which was bought on Dec. 1, its launch day on my region).

Finally I called the Apple Care Line. The guy who received me was friendly. After patiently listening to my encounterings, he advised me to simultaneously hold down Wake/Sleep and Home buttons for 10 seconds.

Magically, it worked! My unresponsive iPad waked and was booted, with the Apple’s shining silver logo appearing at its screen. Seconds later, it successfully logged onto its desktop page and again became a full functioned gadget.

Though now the problem was resolved, I could not figure out how my iPad crashed without any unhealthy signs.

I shared this experience online in an attempt to offer some assistance to the fellow iDevice owners who could probably be hit the same problem in future, although I do hope this will never happen to them.

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38 Responses to “iPad Can’t Startup/Boot Howto: Re-start/Re-boot Crashed or Unresponsive iPad”

  1. rajith says:

    Lifesaver!!! Had the same problem with my ipad air 2.
    Many Thanks

  2. M says:

    thanks for the sharing. It worked for me.

  3. Nancy Inserra says:

    iPad went down last nite after a update to ISO. I laid it aside , used my iphone 5 to return calls etc. When I rebooted the iPad all I get is app looking like a iTunes symbols & the recharger pix of the charger insert & cord. After about 10 seconds it shuts off again. It will Reboot easily using on button & home button. Please help. Thank you!!

  4. IanP says:

    Thank you – adverted a disaster!

  5. Marius says:

    Hey man, thanks a bunch, you made my day.

  6. KrissyHuggy says:

    OMG!!!!! Thanks for this!!!! It really workssss!!! I really don’t know what to do awhile ago then I saw your post… I was totally freaking out when I encountered thissss.. Thank you very much!!!!! :”””>

  7. John Philip says:

    Thanx mate. Battled with the same problem for 2-3 hours. thanks to your answer, its back on track.

  8. AlJ says:

    thankx a lot…it worked

  9. AlJ says:

    thankx man it worked…pressing two buttons together for 10 secs

  10. arieyanto says:

    Thank’s for your story. It’s work.

  11. King says:

    U saved my time bringing to a service centre. Thks a heap.

  12. Toni says:

    Thank you ! It works !

  13. jess says:

    sank onndis

  14. L Schultz says:

    Thanks a million, saved my day was running to the apple store Hooray for you

  15. Rudy Tanureja says:

    Found this page when had the same problem. Thanks a million. You really help us.

  16. M Kok says:

    Phew…I panicked. Thanks for the tip. It works!!!

  17. CAD says:

    OH MY GOD…….. what a relief……. thks a lot mate…… same problem…… and it worked!!!! any ideas

  18. Aitch says:

    Ace !!!

  19. Aitch says:


  20. nour says:

    thx alot i really got all confused for a second and alot of bad imaginations went into my head… the way its my today :)

  21. Wafy says:

    Thanks dude.. it really helps

  22. Paul says:

    Phew! Worked for me too after a blackout! Many thanks!

  23. cesckun says:

    thanks…really works..

  24. Tashi says:

    Thanks heaps, it worked for me… you achieved your aim of assisting others……….

  25. stathobill says:

    the very same problem. Now is booting. Thx a lot mate!!!

  26. Paulo Maia (Brazil) says:

    I did, but the silver apple apears and boot not hapenig, and now?

  27. Gerald says:

    My friends having the same issue with iPad 2. Thanks for the tips.
    The cause is still unknown. :(

  28. Nicholas says:

    Woah. I had the same shit man. and thanks to you, my iPad sprung to life again! THANKS!!

  29. S. Koh says:

    Tried it and it worked! Thanks man…What a relief!

  30. Kevin says:

    Thanks. I am about to bring the machine to Apple service center and found your tips. I try it out and works.

  31. Fisher says:

    Glad to know that this entry can help so many fellow iPad owner! :-)

  32. JonathanYeo says:

    Fisher, thanks for sharing. My iPad came back to life. Though its Apr 1st 20011, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke.

  33. S Ladang says:

    Thank you for the tip that also save my problem

  34. KA says:

    You just saved my day! I had the same issue and your solution worked.

  35. Fisher says:

    Asrah, great to know your iPad is alive again, :-)

  36. Ashraf says:

    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks for your post, I just had the same issue and I could not start my iPad and now it is solved also, I don’t know what was the issue. Thanks for sharing the info

  37. Fisher says:

    Selvam, glad to know you solve the problem, have fun with your iPad!

  38. NS Selvam says:

    Thanks a million, man. I was about ready to start freaking out when I came across this, totally saved my day.


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