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There are so many video downloaders, either free or fee-charged, currently available on the market. Free Video Downloader, Google Video Downloader, UltraGet Video Downloader, Youtube Video Downloader, and Easy Video Accelerator/Downloader are just a few of such applications, not to mention dozens of plug-ins with the same function for various browsers (say Google Chrome & Firefox etc).

Surfing the internet to watch online videos is a daily routine for many netizens these days. Quite some times, a user runs across an interesting video and wants to download it onto the personal computer for future replay.

This howto tip I recommend a way that needs neither video downloaders nor plug-ins, though for a Windows user  he/she still need to make an installation. As indicated in the title, that’s application is Apple Inc.’s Safari browser (download here). For Mac users, Safari is the default browser bundled with Apple’s Mac OS.

Now let me demonstrate you how to download a Youtube video using the navigator from the world’s most valuable tech company.

Say, your Safari’s current tab now is displaying the official page of teen heartthrob Justin Bieber’s Prayer video uploaded on Youtube.

Justin Bieber - Pray - Youtube page screencatpure

Press Command + Option + A (in Mac) or Ctrl + Alt + A (in Windows) to initiate Safari’s Activity. In the the resultant windows where probably displays hundreds of “http://….” , scroll down for an address with a file size usually indicated as MB.

Safari Activity Youtube Video downloadable link

Double click on it, Safari starts downloading and the video is saved into the computer’s Downloads folder (if there is no change made for Safari’s default download setting) . Note, Safari automatically names it as videoplayback (or other weird long numbers), so you have to rename later for the convenience of you future use.

Safari Downloads

This way should work on the most (if not all) video-publishing websites. As to the format of the final video on your hard disk, it depends on if the videos portals used Adobe Flash or not. Videos from Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google Video, Break & Youtube are saved as .flv. Videos from other sites can also be in MP4, WMV  and AVI among other formats.

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