Update (2013-03-10): It turns out Google Pinyin is not substantial for the Mac users. Strongly advise those who are not keen on the default Chinese input method by Apple go to try Sougou Pinyin (http://pinyin.sogou.com/mac/?r=pinyin) for or QQ Pinyin for Mac (http://shurufa.qq.com/mac/), both of which are greatly useful.

Google’s free Chinese input software Google Pinyin for Windows immediately wooed Chinese-savvy users at the time its beta version was launched many years ago. Since then it has evolved into a very smart and stable application.

Google Pinyin for Mac Input
Google Pinyin Input for Mac

However, it seemed Google Inc. was a bit lazy to develop a version for Apple’s Mac computers. Many Chinese Mac users made the loud request to ask the world’s most popular search engine company to do something.

Fortunately, Google’s Chinese employees heard those voices! This September, Google Pinyin for Mac was leaked to the internet. Not until a few days ago, I downloaded a copy and installed on my newly-purchased 21 inch iMac, Here are some screenprints of Google Pinyin for Mac installation and a tip to set it to appear in the drop-down menu of Mac Top Bar’s input methods. At last, a link to download Google Pinyin for Mac for free is provided.

The installation file of Google Pinyin for Mac is .pkg format, so it can’t be installed by being directly dragged to Mac’s Application folder. One must double-click on the .pkg file to initiate the InstallShied dialogue box which will guide the user the steps necessary to install the software.

Google Pinyin Mac Installshied

During the installation, Google Pinyin for Mac prompts to alert (now shown here) the user to close all opened applications.  After the software was installed, the Mac is required to log out.

Google Pinyin for Mac Successfully Installed

Once the Mac user logs in again, there is no way to use Google Pinyin for Mac if not to do something indicated below.

Go to System Preferences –> Language & Text –> Input Sources sub-tab, scroll down to spot and tick the Goopy icon in the left section Select input methods to use of the resultant user interface,

Google Pinyin for Mac Goopy Icon in Language & Text Panel

Now, click on the current input method icon located on the right side of Mac Top Bar, Google Pinyin for Mac’s icon Goopy will be shown in the drop-down menu. After Goopy was selected as the new input method, click on Preferences to make changes according to one’s own requirements.

Google Pinyin Goopy in Mac Top Bar's Language Icon Drop-down Menu Google Pinyin Goopy Preferences Selection

Click here to find the downloadable link of Google Pinyin Input for Mac.

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21 Responses to “Download Google Pinyin Input Method for Mac”

  1. Susan Sun says:


  2. Susan Sun says:

    I don’t know anything yet, first time try. I can common on it later.

  3. law says:

    thank for sharing

  4. Betty says:

    Hi: I can not find the download file. Could you tell me where it is ?

  5. Derek Chiu says:

    its good, thanks.

  6. Derek Chiu says:

    its good, thank you.

  7. Goutham Nerusu says:

    Im in need of this software plz

  8. Boyuan says:

    Very good

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    all the best

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    very nice.

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    good thank you

  13. isaac says:

    good thank you

  14. Matthew says:

    Yeah, this doesn’t work, =_=

  15. Tom says:

    I agree with Jennie above! How come this PinYin Didn’t let me download??? Please tell me how I can download to my Apple??? :-(

  16. Tom says:

    Thank God you made this PinYin Input for Apple!!! :-)

  17. Fisher says:

    Advice for those who are seeking a Chinese input method for a Mac,

    Don’t know why Google has put a lot energy on its input method for Windows, yet seemingly it almost forgot to develop a Mac version. The Google Pinyin for Mac mentioned in the post actually is an internal test version, so it is notoriously bugs-ladden. Thus I don’t suggest it be downloaded for your Macintosh. Instead, nowadays there are quite some fabulous alternatives available on the market, ALL ARE FOR FREE, namely, QQ Pinyin for Mac (http://shurufa.qq.com/mac/), Sougou Pinyin for Mac (http://pinyin.sogou.com/mac/), FIT (http://funinput.com/), QIM (http://www.macqim.com/RegQIME.html). Hope they are helpful! All the best

  18. Brian says:

    It is quite good for me so far as typing Chinese. However, I noticed that I could not use Chinese punctuations, even if I change it in Preference. Also, I can’t change between Chinese and English freely by Shift, even if I ticked the option in the Preference. Do you know why and how I can make it work for me? Thanks.

  19. jimmy says:

    very nice

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  21. Jennie says:

    Hi, I attempted to download google pinyin, but did not work. Please share with me how I can successfully make it work. Many thanks. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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