When checking the logs of this site, I found the posts on Shoushou, name Zhai Ling who was previously dubbed as China’s No. 1 car model, were sought by a lot of guys. Early this year, Shoushou was struck by four scandalous private videos allegedly leaked to the internet by former boyfriend Yang Di as a revenge for the break-up.

Shoushou Zhai Ling as Game Spokesperson Picture 7
Shoushou Zhai Ling

These naughty videos which rocked the whole China ruined Shoushou as the first choice of Volkswagen China for various auto shows. Anyhow, Shoushou’s fame is still cherished by a Chinese online game company named Blue Bay (蓝港). It chose her as the spokesperson for their game Monkey Journey to The West.

Shoushou Zhai Ling as Game Spokesperson Picture 8
Shoushou Zhai Ling

The character Shoushou portraited was the King of Kingdom of Women’s in the game.

Pressed why to chose as Shoushou as their game ambassador, the company said as many as 80% players of Monkey Journey to The West were male, they wanted to use her beautiful and strenuous image to attract more female to play the game.

When being mentioned her videos at the press conference, Shoushou burst into tears (video below) for what she had unwittingly done with her ex.

Shoushou Zhai Ling Mokey Journey to The West Game Spokesperson Pictures Gallery

Images Source: Shoushou Comeback @ 18dao.com

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