Anthony McClelland: Lebron James’ Father

By Fisher on May. 15, 2010

Who’s Lebron James’ dad/father? This is a question asked or to be asked by many basketball fans. NBA Celeveland Cavaliers Miami Heats star Lebron James’ biological father is called Anthony McClelland.

Anthony McClelland, Lebron James
LeBron James (R, ©Keith Allison/Flickr) and an ex Ohio inmate called Anthony McClelland (L) who may or may not be King James’ father

Although a search on is not difficult to find the answer,  details concerning with Anthony McClelland remains scarce. Here we try to patch together a bit details available online.

Anthony McClelland was a former casual sex partner of LeBron James’ mom Gloria Marie James, photo below. He impregnated Gloria James when she was only 16 years old. After Lebron James’ birth in Akon, Ohio, 1984, because McClelland was uninterested in being a parent, Gloria James, as a single mother, brought up LeBron,  and to this day LeBron goes by her last name.

Gloria James, mother of LeBron James
Gloria James in LeBron’s No. 23 T-shirt carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag

Anthony McClelland was a (former) criminal. He was convicted of arson and theft. An inmate search by user Statman32 on the website of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction uncovered a man called Anthony McClelland (see top picture, left), who was born on December 7, 1964.

At the time Statman32 entered his posting on that forum, he said he’s not sure if this Anthony McClelland was Lebron James’ father while pointing out the fact that the man named Anthony McClelland he found was the only Anthony McClelland to have ever been imprisoned in Ohio.

Today we did a similar search on Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction website but yielded no results. Maybe Anthony McClelland Statman32 mentioned was already released from the jail.  This is all we currently know about Anthony McClelland.

Dear readers, compare Anthony McClelland and Lebron James shown in the top combo picture, and leave you thoughts in comments section below.

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16 Responses to “Anthony McClelland: Lebron James’ Father”

  1. jermaine says:

    they luk alike same eye brows everything i think thts his father

  2. Jim T says:

    Sorry, I found him on the Department of Justice website using the federal inmate locator link. I keep track of my ex’s brothers there!!

  3. Jim T says:

    I found an Anthony Dewayne McClelland age 42 incarcerated at the Bettonville FCI to be released in 2024! It could be the man!!

  4. Tyrone Jr says:

    Lebron James and Anthony McClelland look alike but doesn’t look like he could be his father

  5. PAternity-ino says:


  6. Leeron Walker says:

    Here’s the deal. I am a good friend of Henry Butts Jr. and know his family well. Henry(AKA JR BUTTS) and and Anthony MCcelland hung out from time to time. Both of them had relations with Gloria. The resemblance in the face as well as the body, not to mention the Athleticisim of JR. Butts is uncanningly the same I’ve played Basketball with Jr. Butts and everytime I see Lebron James play I am so reminded of JR and I days of playing basketball. Although Jr. was a football star in High School he could’ve easily played basketball as well. I’ve been knowing the Butts family for over 20 something years. I’m very inclined to believe that Henry Butts Jr. is Leborn James biological father. I can tell you this he’s not looking for $$$ He has always been well to do on his own and still is to this very day. (He drives a new Benz go figure) I would put my life on that

  7. nick walters says:

    that bivins dude looks just like him. the mcclelland guy also has some resemblance, but he has narrow shoulders. lebron is a beast, and bivins has the same skeletal structure so if a gun was put to my head and i had to make a decision i would have to pick this bivins character. maybe he’s related to michael bivins too !!

  8. Fisher says:

    Dude, nobody would think what you claimed was true.

  9. kim starks says:

    I dont know where yeal get yeal facts from because I am from akron ohio and labron’s father name is roland bivins he is dead so he cant speak for hisself but he is the true father of labron james his grandmother name is cookie his brother papa. Please stop talking if yeal dont know what yeal is talking about.

  10. i am lebron father says:

    well the frist guy look like he can pass to be his father the number 2 guy like nothing like boy james…… but to stop and kill all the dum s*t i ammmm lebron daddy. i think about his mother all the time….. when lebron frist come into the n.b.a. i knew then i father him. now his mother need to step up and tell my boy his father is from benton harbor michigan…. born and raise, but now he live in indianapolis in. and he got a total of 4 sister and 2 brother, but he’s { lebron] is the older.

  11. BronLe says:

    “Gloria James had previously named who she thought was the biological father of the child- Anthony McCelland. However, Frederick Nance, attorney for Gloria James, says that a paternity test had already been carried out and that it excluded McClelland as the father.”


  12. BronLe says:

    Interesting news report about Roland Bivins here:

    A picture of Bivins:

    Leicester Bryce Stovell is another name that came up recently. Although documents filed by Lebron James’ lawyers include DNA test results that indicate a “0% probability of paternity.”

  13. John says:

    I don’t even see a resemblance they don’t a like at all not even..

  14. Renee Love says:

    Now this man I can see being Lebron James’ father. There’s a facial resemblance, but he (Lebron) also looks alot like his mom as far as facial resemblance. At least this man, if he chose to be an absent parent, is remaining absent thru the “good” as well as the “bad”!!(The years lebron and his mom struggled to survive), so at least if this IS his dad, he has the decency to STAY out of the picture now, since he chose not to be in the picture when the going was rough for lebron and his mom. That “Lei-ar”cester Stovell needs his raggedy azz kicked and after that thrown in jail for conspiracy to commit fraud!!!!

  15. lucille says:

    Le Bron looks more like him than that other guy.

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